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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Eggs

I usually don't make much of a fuss over Valentines day, so I woke up and went to make breakfast as usual. I got some eggs, sausage and tomatoes and got ready. I chopped 2 tomatoes half of one of those big chicken sausages that have come on the market recently. I added just salt and a dash of black pepper and beat my eggs. When the oil in the pan was hot and I poured in the eggs, it hit me. Instead of just throwing on the tomatoes and sausage like I had planned, why not try something? So I lowered the heat under the eggs and got creative. I arranged the tomatoes in a beautiful heart - if I say so myself - than filled the heart with sausage. I had some left over so I decided what the heck, and put the rest all around.

All was going just perfect until it was time to flip it. I flipped it and the blasted tomatoes and sausages moved. I hope and prayed that at least some had set well enough to maitain some semblance of a heart. When that side was done and I flipped it over again, I did some damage control by surgically removing ans reattaching some parts of my heart.
I went and presented my master piece to my husband and he looked at the eggs then looked back at me and said "what?". Just as I was about to scream, he burst out laughing. Whew!
Later in the day, we had a black out throughout most of Accra, so in the evening we went to this charming place at Tesano called "Rhythms" and had a wonderful evening. All in all, a lovely day.
How was your Valentines day?

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