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Tuesday, May 29, 2012



1/2 kg mincemeat
2 1/2 Onions
8-10 Tomatoes
3 Eggs
Cooking oil
15 kpakpo shito (hot green peppers)
4 cloves of Garlic
Green pepper
Black pepper

Grind the garlic, 5 of the kpakpo shito and half an onion. If you are using the Asanka, add about half a teaspoonful of salt. It help with the grinding.

Place the mincemeat in the ground spices and crack the three eggs into it, seperately, you dont want to accidentally add a bad egg to your food. Add a pinch of black pepper. Leave it to marinate for about 15 minutes.

Heat enough oil for frying, then roll the mincemeat into balls and drop them gently into the oil, one at a time. (I intended to use all the meatballs in my sauce so I fried them straight. If you plan on eating them straight or as some sort of finger food, drop them in boiling water for about five minutes each before draining and frying). Turn them when they start browning around the edges. An easier way would be to use more oil for frying so that the balls are floating in the oil and brown evenly on all sides.

In the meantime, chop the Green pepper and 2 onions, then blend the tomatoes and remaining kpakpo shito.

Heat up two tablespoons of the oil used for frying the meatballs and start frying the onions. Fry until they start to brown on the edges.

Add the blended tomatoes and allow to simmer down.

When the water is almost all finished, it will begin to fry. Stir it continuously until it is almost sticking, then add a cup of water and salt to taste. Repeat the process, this makes sure that the tomatoes are well cooked.

Now add the meatballs and 2 cups of water. Reduce the heat and allow the meatballs to simmer and soak up the flavour of the sauce. 

When it thickens down to your liking, add the green pepper and it is ready.
Serve with rice or pasta of your choice.


  1. Can i add more spices to the minced meat?

  2. Oh absolutely Dennis! That's the beauty of cooking, you can make adjustments to suit your personal taste. Let me know the adjustments you made and how yours turns out. Cheers and all the best!

  3. Jemima thanks it is easy to learn am gonna try my own this weekend. hope it will tate good.

    1. Hi Josephine, I wonder how it turned out. Let me know when you get a chance :)

  4. Hi jemima, the minced meat; is it the same as chopped meat? Do you have to cook it separately before adding the ingredients to fry....I need your help, thanks



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